Sunday, April 4, 2010

blog name

I thought I was being so gosh darn clever with choosing "Memoirs of a Gringa" as the name of my blog. But no, several other bloggers beat me to it. So I'll keep it for now, and think of another one later.

I'm starting to get really excited about moving to Chile which is what has prompted me to create a new blog.

I'm even starting to work on my Spanish. If you consider watching "Home Alone 2" on the Spanish channel practicing Spanish.

Well in order to move to Chile, I need to graduate first. Which means I should stop procrastinating and finish all my lesson plans for tomorrow.


  1. I vote for the next title to be:
    Memoirs of a Mendoza Mujer

    or Play on words:
    Barron Maggie

    NJ to PA to CA to RI to Arg. to be continued ....

  2. Caminante no hay hace camino al andar