Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The job interview was a bit of a bust. Not because I didn't talk about ducks, like Miss Liz suggested, but because they didn't actually have any positions available. I the point of asking me to come in for an interview was what exactly??

Karina has five (!!) people who want to study English with me. I would be working with them in two groups. Both groups are beginners, and one group is focusing on the language associated with tourism. I love being in such high demand.

Constanza's seventh birthday was yesterday and her party is on Friday, right after school. We have been in party planning mode all week. Constanza has invited her entire class, about 30 kids (I can feel the headache coming on already). We are making almost everything for the party, with the exception of the pizza and the empanadas. Today we made the cake which was filled with peaches, whipped cream and dulce de leche. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that combination.

Also, with the help of the kids we made about 120 alfajores. An alfajor is basically two cookies with dulce de leche in the middle. The whole thing is then dipped or rolled in something equally as delicious. The alfajores we made were rolled in coconut. The kids decided the best method of making the alfajores was to do it assembly line style. This worked out quite well. That is, until they both got bored and I was left making the rest.


  1. Who's your Alfajores?

    Why is the littlest angel the
    only one actually doing any

    pato pato ganso

    And, oh-by-the-way Liz IS funny!

    HAPPY late BIRTHDAY Constanza

    HAPPY early BIRTHDAY Karina

  2. I'm salivating at the thought of alfajores! Did you guys buy the dough or make it? If so, I want the recipe!

  3. no we got the cookies premade. so it was wicked easy seeing how we had to cook nothing.