Monday, September 13, 2010


Today I went for a walk. I find it's the easiest way for me to figure out where things are. When we drive around I pay absolutely no attention to where we are. I'm always much more concerned with other cars on the road that come unsettlingly too close to us.

Many of you may know that I have a wonderful sense of direction. (How well does the sarcasm translate here?) I get lost going pretty much anywhere. In Mendoza, I have developed a certain level of familiarity with two streets. Guys, Mendoza is pretty huge. It's the fourth largest city in Argentina. So I'm pretty limited in where I can go only knowing two streets. I settled for walking to the giant grocery store, Carrefour, to have a look around.

Thankfully the walk was uneventful. I didn't fall into a drainage tunnel, or worse, step in dog poop. I was able to cross the street, without I hope, looking too much like a foreigner. And best of all, I didn't get lost.

Carrefour is massive. Especially massive when the other grocery stores nearby are the size of a broom closet. I wasn't looking for anything in particular so I settled on the soda aisle to buy some much needed CocaCola Light. Which, by the way, is far superior to Diet Coke. However, that is not the point of this post.

I couldn't help walk down the aisle with the sign for "galletas" because 3/4 of the shelves were displaying Oreos. It was incredible. There were no less than 15 different types of Oreos. Most of them were less than desirable. There were Oreos filled with meringue, others with a combination of dulce de leche and banana, and some that had three layers of varying colors.

I skipped on the Oreos and instead bought a box of granola bars and a tube of toothpaste. This along with my two bottles of CocaCola Light came to around 21 pesos. That's a little over 5 dollars. And Carrefour is one of the more expensive grocery stores.

As I left I unfortunately spotted a McDonalds. Those Golden Arches stick out like a sore thumb amid the countless cafes and panaderias. Even though the majority of their menu disgusts me, I'll go in anyway to see what oddities they sell. You can look forward to that on a future post.

In more exciting news, I have a job interview tomorrow! My direction skills will most definitely be put to the test. Even if I do get lost, it would at least make for a fun blog post. Stay tuned!


  1. Carrefour! Just the name brings so many memories!All those isle devoted to "mate" and wonderful coffees! What about all the chocolate? And alfajores?

    Good luck tomorrow my wonderful daughter!And keep up the writing!

  2. Interview advice:
    Head up, back straight, eyes
    forward, and smile. You'll be
    perfect ... you always are.

    Following directions advice:
    Prayer <>, just kidding you'll do fine.


  3. Maggie my darling, good luck on your interview, you'll be WONDERFUL!!!

  4. talk about ducks in your interview, they will be impressed with your spanish.

  5. I know that it is a day late, but I hope that your interview went well! I'm sure that you did fantastic! BTW...can't wait to come and vist and try some of that delicious Coke light you are talking about! yum!

  6. thanks guys!! it's a bummer i didn't interview at a place that actually had an opening! but hey, what can you do!