Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fiesta Patrias

Happy Chilean National day!

Today Chile is celebrating 200 years of independence. Anticipation has been building since September 1st as Chileans have counted down the days til the bicentennial. Some pretty elaborate festivities are set to take place all across Chile. Even the miners, trapped since August 5th, are said to be partaking by raising a Chilean flag.

It would have been pretty sweet to have been in Chile today. Oh well, there's always next year. I hear the parties will be pretty intense as they celebrate 201 years of independence.

And I would just like to take this time to personally thank those neighbors who deemed it necessary to light firecrackers when the clock struck midnight last night. The firecrackers may have only lasted a few minutes, but the barking dogs didn't shut up for almost an hour.


  1. Readers Digest Version:

    Crack - bang - boom - bang


    ------------"S!T!F!U!" *

    *She didn't really say this
    but she was thinking it

  2. I think Joe's pastel de choclo has gone to his head!

    Feliz dieciocho hijita mia!