Saturday, September 18, 2010

fiesta time

Yesterday was Contanza's birthday party. It was held at a club nearby their house. Here's a few pictures:

I loved that sign. Her name was spelled out in sprinkles. The theme of the party was Minnie Mouse. One of Karina's friends made chocolate lollipops for the goodie bags. Mickeys for the boys and Minnies for the girls.

These three people showed up to entertain the kids. They played music and had different props for the kids to play with. The only downside? They played Justin Beiber music.

Mi prima Verena.

The whole family! Jorge, Karina, Constanza and Lorenzo.


  1. Technically, at least in South America, Verena is you AUNT!

  2. Great pic.s

    Looks like fun for all

    What a mean mommy Karina must be
    to have "let them eat cake!"