Thursday, September 16, 2010


In the beginning of August I went to the Chilean Consulate in NY with my mom. I needed to apply for my Chilean passport. My appointment was at 11am. Almost no one there spoke English and many of the employees were rude. My name wasn't called until sometime around 2pm without so much as an apology. They acted as if they were doing me a favor. A favor, mind you, I paid $120 for.

Yesterday I went to the Chilean Consulate in Mendoza. I was trying to have the delivery of my passport rerouted from NY to Mendoza, seeing how I'm living here now. Let's see. I wasn't required to make an appointment and I was seen after waiting for about 20 minutes. The man I was waiting to see spoke English and was wicked funny. Here are some snippets from our conversation:

-Are you in love?
-In love with what?
-Are you in love with anyone?
-Oh, I see. All you Americans come here trying to steal the Argentinian men.
-Sorry, I'll make sure to leave one for you.*

-So, who's going to help you with this? (rerouting my passport)
-I was hoping you would be able to.
-I'm sorry?
-Is he a good president?
-I think so.... I voted for him.
-Did you call him to see if he'll help you?
-I don't think he'll answer my phone call.

One other thing to note: Britney Spears was playing in his office. (The music, not the girl.)

He said he'll try to take care of my passport for me and he was really quite funny. Other conversation topics included 2012, religion, and New Zealand. I just sat there and laughed uncomfortably. The people working in the consulate in Mendoza were much nicer than those in NY. Maybe they're just happy to not be living in the US.

*Okay, I didn't actually say this part. But I was thinking it.


  1. Well, maybe I've had too much wine, but I thought this post was hysterical!

  2. Maggie's speed dial
    1) Obama
    2) OBL
    3) Psychic hot line
    4) Liz (''cause she's funny)
    5) Mom
    6) Hot Latin Guy
    7) see 6
    8) see 7 & 6
    9) (opening available please

    Think maybe you should have asked
    him if he was a LOST fan.

  3. hahaha joe, i actually had to look up what OBL stood for. i like how he's second only to Obama.