Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ugly Americans

Last night I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting some Americans. Relocated from New Jersey, the family of six have been living in Mendoza for 16 months. All four of the children have learned Spanish while in school. What struck me as odd was that the mother, who after being here for quite some time, still does not know Spanish. She was quick to point out that she does in fact know how to order a beer. That’s just full of class.

She seemed so unapologetic about it with such an awful attitude about everything. Be it schools, restaurants, or grocery stores, she still could not accept how life is different here. Well, of course it is. You’re in another country. If you wanted everything to be the same as it was in the US you should have just stayed there. But running your mouth about how life is so much better in the States gives people the wrong impression about Americans. I mean come on. You're in a foreign country. Maybe you should try learning the language and embracing how people live in another part of the world.

When I told her I was going to Chile in a few weeks, she apparently believed it was her duty to provide me with some helpful bits of information. Before I could tell her that I’ve been there before she said things like:

-You can eat at a Ruby Tuesdays in Santiago.


-And they have Taco Bell, KFC and Dunkin Donuts. It’s fantastic!


-Watch out, they think Americans are barbaric.


-Because we don’t eat apples with a fork and a knife.


She might have shared more advice with me but I stopped listening when she tried to explain how Chileans think ham is a vegetable. Thank you for sharing this invaluable advice, lady. What I got from it was that you’re a moron, and clearly should never have left the US.

*Okay, I am a little excited about Dunkin Donuts.


  1. You should absolutely be excited about Dunkin Donuts. There's nothing better than a donut with manjar. Known as dulce de leche in Argentina.

  2. Did you thank her profusely for
    the information, mention that you
    eat apples with a fork and a
    knife, or happen to tell her that
    she would be the subject of your
    next blog and that if she wanted
    she could read it at....?

    BTW - They also have a starbucks at the mall and I heard they have
    - like ah - real cars too.

  3. Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Chile run on Dunkin Donuts.