Friday, September 10, 2010

US vs. Latin airlines

After approximately 23 hours of traveling I finally made it to Argentina. I flew LANchile and the service does not even remotely compare to that on an American airline company. Let's do a little comparison, shall we?

On a trip home from California this summer, I overheard a passenger ask for a blanket. The flight attendant told her it would cost $7.00.
On LAN every seat had a blanket and pillow on it and 5 minutes after takeoff the flight attendants came by with free eyemasks for everyone. Free stuff, yes please!


On this same trip home from California, on a 5 hour flight, they showed no movies. They didn't even have monitors...let alone those sporadically placed monitors that show you where your plane is on top of a map.
On LAN each seat had its own TV monitor. Yes, I know that some US flights have those as well. But this one had 46 movies (yes, I counted) and you could play video games. Beat that, US airline companies. Oh, give up now. You can't.

Food and Drink:

I'm pretty sure the last time I was served free food on a plane was in 1994. Peanuts disappeared from the friendly skies in 2000. I can only imagine that sodas will be gone by 2013. But, do no fear hungry travelers. Airplanes now come fully stocked with snacks that can be purchased at totally reasonable prices like the ever popular Cup of Noodles ($6.00) and Goldfish Crackers ($17.00 ea).
On my way to Argentina, I was served dinner FOR FREE. Once you're done closing your mouth I'll explain in further detail. We were even given options! Beef with potatoes or chicken and rice. Obviously I found neither of these appealing so I chose the rice. Besides the dead animals, we were given a salad, a roll with butter, and some chocolate dessert thing. Who cares that the stuff was inedible. It was free! And clearly some people liked it because my seat mate asked for another entree and was given one almost immediately. Now for the good part. In addition to complimentary soft drinks, coffee and tea, LAN serves everyone wine. For free. Red or white. With refills. Oh and they serve free breakfast as well.

Latin Men:
On US Flights: Maybe a few?
On LAN: About 3/4 of the plane.

So needless to say, LAN is the way to go.

On a total side note: Our plane had to do an emergency landing in Ecuador because a passenger was sick and needed a doctor. Does this mean I can count Ecuador as a country I've been to?? I mean, I did stay there for one hour....on the plane.
Yeah, I didn't think so.

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  1. How do we get LAN to fly US routes? Thinking it might be worth it to fly LAN TFG to SA to CA and on the return CA > SA > TFG = movies, wine, and a blanket and at the price you got < cheaper than 1st class to fly TFG > CA RT (That's 2x your price vs one 1st class US ticket) of course the flight time is a little longer but heck ... wine movies and a blanket = hooyaa.