Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another walk in the park

The other day I went back to the park. I can't lie, I really only wanted to go feed the cat. This time I was better prepared. I actually brought a can of fish with me. It was perfect park weather, for me at least. The weather was much cooler and the sky was overcast, threatening to empty large quantities of water at any moment.

I snapped this picture while I waited for someone to vacate my bench.

There are statues all over the park. Only the big ones commemorating famous dead people have name plaques. Most of the smaller ones are nameless, but pretty nonetheless. As soon as my bench became available, I went over to see the cat. I knew he was there because I could see his foot sticking out from among the flowers.

How nice it must be to lay around all day, waiting for some silly foreigner to come feed you.

I half expected the cat to come running down as soon as I opened the can of stinky fish. He clearly was in no hurry to eat. I decided to leave once the wind picked up. Not because it was too cold, but because it was blowing the stinky fish smell right in the direction of my bench.

I can only hope the cat had a nice lunch that day.

1 comment:

  1. Give a cat a fish and it will eat today.
    Teach a cat to fish and it will eat forever.

    What we learned today... always put the fish downwind of where we are sitting.

    Very nice pics... posted just 157,740 seconds from the bus. Could have made it in cat time but the math was dependent on the specific age of the cat at the time the calculation was made: