Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Margaret Thatcher

So unfortunately my Chilean passport will not arrive in Mendoza before I leave for Santiago. When I called, I spoke with the same hilarious man from my first trip to the Consulate. Here's how our conversation started:

-Hola, Señor Chilean Consulate Man?
-Who I am I speaking with?
-Margaret Flashner.
-Oh from England!
-No, I'm from the US.
-Oh... I thought you said Margaret Thatcher.

Last time I checked, I don't sound a thing like the 84 year old ex-Prime Minister of England. And I can't believe she calls the Chilean Consulate in Mendoza very often.
But don't worry Señor Chilean Consulate Man, your little joke wasn't lost on me.

I can't wait to see what he says when I come back to pick up my passport in a few weeks.


  1. No, you don't sound like an 84 year old ex Prime Minister of England, much less one that has dementia.

  2. Just one simple question that this guy needs to answer: Are you related to Liz?

    He funny.