Thursday, October 21, 2010

Will Work For....Money.

One of my main goals while staying in South America is to find a job. Not just any job. A job where I can finally make use of that Master's degree I worked my butt off for.

Two weeks ago I had an interview in a little town called Curicó, located about two hours south of Santiago. I was a little nervous the night before so my mom gave me this invaluable advice:

I had little to worry about because after five minutes, the lady informed me they would be sending me an offer. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually being offered a job….teaching! The only downside was Curicó itself. The town was in the middle of nowhere. Well, more accurately, it was in the middle of other equally small towns. Not exactly the best place for someone my age. So I decided to be gutsy and turn the job down.

Luckily, I have two interviews set up for next week. Both schools are in Santiago. Hopefully one (or both!) will want me, so I can accept an offer and move on with my life. Which at the moment involves planning a trip to the wonderfully beautiful Lake District of Southern Chile. Researching different places to travel to is much more fun than going on interviews. Mainly because you can’t go on an interview in sweatpants.


  1. Sure you can go to a job interview in sweatpants- just as long as it's a job you would prefer that someone else be invited to take. Of course the reverse is not true ... looking good while researching travel plans will not get have someone offering you money to go on vacation.

    Up here Corporations and rich people use their boobs all the time ... but ... they call them REPoliticians.

  2. Nothing against your boobs - just meant you would do better not displaying them in all their glory at a job interview!

  3. MOM!!!! that's a little too joe simpson for my taste. i know you dont know who he is. so this reference will be lost on you.