Friday, November 12, 2010

First Week Recap

I started working this week and I can't remember the last time I was so happy it's Friday. First off, waking up at 6am sucks. But it will just be another thing I need to get used to.

Here's the rest:
  • Walking past a portrait of the Queen of England several times a day
  • Spelling things the British way (favourite, honour, theatre, metre...)
  • The metric system
  • Being called 'miss' by everyone (students and colleagues)
  • Writing in cursive (so far I've avoided doing this one)
  • Looking younger/shorter than half of the students (remember this is a K-12 school)

I'm sure there is more, but that is all I can think of at the moment. Now how about all the fantastic things about this school that I've already come to love:

  • The view of the Andes from the teacher's lounge (pictures to follow at some point)
  • The coffee/tea/cookies that are served during the first break (although I only actually enjoy one of those things, I'm sure you can guess which one)
  • The 45 minute lunch break (the middle school I was at last year had a 20 minute lunch)
  • The FREE totally edible lunch for the staff (complete with salad bar)
  • Free periods everyday while students study Spanish, music, PE.... (we're talking a minimum of 1.5 hours free per day...up to 3.75 hours...not including lunch and other breaks)
  • The kiosko on campus where you can by almost everything they sell at a 7-11 (minus all the things that require you to be 18 years or older)
Moving on. I've struggled a little with the students in my class. There are 28, very talkative, very hyper students in my class, all of which are very eager for the school year to end next month. Combine that with the fact that they have a sub, means they have been acting a little out of control. After a few days of struggling with them to get them to shut the eff up during their lessons, I finally had to resort to being the bad guy.

Today I introduced a new system where every time they do not follow my instructions or talk while I'm talking I put a line on the white board. Each line represents one minute they will lose during recess. I must say they were better behaved. Even so, for the first two minutes of recess I had 28 students glaring at me. That was a blast.

I will be at the school for all of next week. No one knows for sure when the teacher I'm subbing for will be back. So there is a chance they will need me to stay longer. I wasn't really thrilled when I heard this. But after being there for only 4 days I am happy to stay longer. All the teachers have been so incredibly nice and helpful. Plus, the more time I work now, the more money I'll make. Which has a direct positive correlation with the amount of time I will be able to spend traveling in the next few months.


  1. Being the bad guy once in a while is really a blast. I do remember enjoying it as mother!

  2. 2 min glaring at you - I hope you smiled back.

    Tea - You like the tea - I'm a pretty smart cookie aye?

    Food glorious food - free food. To go box?

    Good colleagues allow you to get through tough days. With bad colleagues = no good days.

    Miss Flashner - I like it. As to looking younger than you are ... deal with it ... it will be a blessing in your future. English spelling - Just like Joe - unique >>smile<<.

    Glad you seem to be liking it - those times when it seems tough just look out at the Andes - If your feelings of awe and beauty remain everything will work out.

  3. I'm not Miss Flashner at school. I'm Miss Maggie. No last names at school.

  4. If I were a 4th grader I would be quiet for Miss Maggie... or... maybe, I would be noisy so that I could spend extra time with her.

  5. Hey.. just found your blog on the expat site. Welcome to Chile! I'm sure you found most of the other gringa blogs on the expat site too. There is also a thing called Ladies Lunch Santiago that is a great resource for meeting people.
    See you around!