Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Birds

As you may recall, I like to take pictures of random animals. If you don't remember, then you are obviously not paying enough attention.

Outside the balcony of my aunt's house I noticed a bird was building a nest in a tree.

Then this past Sunday I saw the bird was no longer alone in the nest.

If you look real close you'll see that the mother bird
is in the process of feeding her chick.

And then today, only the baby bird was in the nest. I'm assuming the mother bird is out collecting food.
Again, you have to look closely, but the chick is there. If I could have gotten closer I would have. But in order to take this picture I was already standing half way up the ledge. Any further up and not only would I be an idiot, but it would be way too easy for me to fall over. And well, that would be a pretty pathetic end to my time here in Santiago.


  1. You only get to fall out of a second floor window ONCE in your life! Great pictures of the birds - maybe you can put some crumbs in the balcony and see if the mother bird comes to get them. If nothing else, it will remind you of home!

  2. Birds is cool. Keep a close eye on them. I saw a movie once about how when they fall into the wrong kind of company they can come up all in your face. You know what I mean - like when they go all Edgar Allan Poe on you.
    Only seen it once but I remember- a bag lady threw all this seed on a couple of guys harassing this kid who was Home Alone for the holidays.
    Be careful around them I heard that birds can be fowl.
    Make a couple hard copies of your pictures and keep them with you for special occasions: You know, those times when someone really upsets you you can just toss them a picture and you'll be flipping them...
    The bird pics are great hope you get to see first flight.