Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Charlie Hieronymus Pace

To say the boys in my class are obsessed with football would be a massive understatement. (Remember that football here is the same thing as soccer.) Anyway, whenever students are given free time to draw, the boys always draw pictures of football players from one of two teams: Manchester United or Real Madrid.

The boys are always arguing over which team is better. Of course, I have no way to provide an educated opinion on the matter. The students however, didn't know this. So when they asked me which team I liked better, the answer was simple.

Manchester United.

Why you may ask?

Charlie Pace* was from Manchester.

*LOST reference. If you didn't catch that, then shame on you.


  1. Hieronimous
    now THAT guy was LOST

    Six degrees of Manchester United - The lesson plan