Saturday, December 18, 2010


On Thursday I went to go see an apartment. The ad said it was only 2 blocks away from the metro, so I figured it would be easy to find even for someone like me who is directionally impaired. Boy was I wrong. First off that metro stop has four exits. It took me three tries to find what I assumed was the correct exit. After walking almost seven blocks in the wrong direction I came to the correct conclusion that I had no clue where I was. I was hot, frustrated and lost. So I did the only logically thing, I hailed a taxi.

This is where Javier comes into the picture. Javier was the taxi driver. I know this because after he asked me what my name was, I felt the only polite thing to do was to ask him for his name as well. (All in proud, people.) Anyway, as he drove me to the correct street he switched the radio to an English station.

“Against All Odds” by Phil Collins started playing. Javier first asked me if I liked the song. After I told him that I did (don’t hate, Phil Collins is a musical god) Javier kept insisting I sing for him. He even told me I had a beautiful voice (obviously Javier is a smart man). I tried as politely as I could to decline his invitation for me to serenade him.

Then, to make the cab ride even more interesting, Javier asked me how many boyfriends I have. Either he didn’t understand me when I said none, or he was just trying to be cute, because he started guessing. His guess? Four. (Who dates four people at the same time?!)

Anyway, Javier definitely ranks as the funniest cab driver I have met in Chile….so far. I’m sure there will be others.


  1. You are directionally impaired just as you once were math and Spanish impaired. You have since worked in a bank and advanced quickly and now are in Chile and speaking the language.

    Locate a prominent landmark like Cerro San Cristobal. Every time you go somewhere look for your landmark and see how it looks from where you are. After a while you will always have some idea of where you are by where the landmark is and how it appears when you look at it.

    I have more ways ... but I think your eyes are already rolling back in your head so I'll stop here >>smile<<.

    Very happy that you misplacement ended with a smile ... and I think that once you get settled you might not be dating 4 guys at one time but you might very well have twice that many trying to be the one guy that you are dating.

  2. Maggie - I also love Phil Collins. And Peter Gabriel. But I think you know that already.