Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm too tired to organize my toughts in a creative and witty way. So here it is in boring numerical order. (The numbers have no meaning, just the order in which things popped into my head.)
  1. I MOVED!!!! Yesteday I moved into an apartment with two Brazilian girls. They are super nice. I'm sure I'll write more about them later.
  2. I am officially a teacher in quinto básico for next year. (That means 5th grade.) The students may have finished last week, but the teachers (myself included) have been busy with meetings, closing the grades, cleaning the room, etc. I am one of the lucky teachers who is changing rooms for next year. So I spent most of today packing up supplies to take upstairs. Fun times!
  3. Tomorrow is Christmas!! I know what you're thinking, that tomorrow is only the 24th. But ha! In Chile (and I believe all across South America) people celebrate Christmas a day early. Because we are just that special. I'll be going to my uncle's house to spend the evening with family.
  4. I officially have dual citizenship!! Yesterday I went downtown to pick up my Chilean passport and cédula, the latter being a Chilean ID card. Next week, one of my "adoptive mothers" is going to take me to the bank so I can finally open up a bank account. Which will be fantastic seeing how I just got paid again this week.
  5. In my new apartment there is a barbecue on the balcony. Behind the barbecue is the box it came in. The name of the barbecue? I'm so glad you asked. It's called "Beef Maker". For some reason, this amuses me to no end. And all this time I thought beef makers were cows.

Okay I think that is all. Well, I'm sure there is more but that is all I can think of for right now.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas!!

(That's how they say it here.)

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  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy

    New home, Official Citizen and 5th grade Teacher. BooYah!

    Wishing you, your adoptive mothers, your uncles, aunts, grandmother, cousins, new house mates, coworkers, all their families and friends a very Happy Christmas.

    Ask your uncle Nacho if he ever mixes gin with grilling. I think things could get interesting if the Beef Maker was in the same room with the Beefeaters.