Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Twin Action

I got really busy there for a few weeks with work stuff. So, now I'm going to make up for the lack of posts by bombarding you all with things that happened during this past month.

First up: My Uncles' birthdays.
And before you go accusing me of placing the apostrophe in the wrong place, you should know that my uncles are twins.

Tio Nacho and Tio Coto

Tio Coto's daughters (my cousins) live in Mendoza, but they came down for the weekend to celebrate. Here's a picture of them with my uncles:
Yup! They are twins too.
Ximena, Tio Coto, Tio Nacho and Maria Silvia

Okay and finally,
Here's one of all the cousins. That's Ignacio on the floor, you first met him here.

I hope you're keeping track of all the family members. There will be a quiz later.

1 comment:

  1. You have a great looking family ... bet you are hoping, genetically speaking, you can skip out on the twin deal. >>smile<< .

    Heads up: I'm gonna be absent on quiz day - but if I'da been there I woulda aced it.