Saturday, December 4, 2010


I take the subway and a taxi to work everyday. So when I found out the subway workers were possibly going to go on strike last Monday two things popped into my head:

1) I wondered if the subway workers were going to take to the streets to protest in song and dance like the news boys of New York in 1899 (Oh wait, that only happens in movies?)

2) Okay really that was the only thing I thought of. I can't help it that I am constantly waiting for people to spontaneously break into song and dance. (Preferably a song and dance I know, so I can join in on all the fun.)

So I’m not sure what happened with this potential strike. I never asked. I just kept taking the subway. (Is that bad?) (Everyone else was doing it too.)

Side note: If this post made no sense to you, you should be ashamed of yourself. And while you're reflecting upon your shame, rent Newsies. Or better yet, just buy it.

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