Monday, January 31, 2011

Cops, Banks and New Sheets

The Cop Story:

About three weeks ago we had a party in our apartment. No more than 15 people, so realtively low key. I met some amazing people and we all had a blast. Well not all of us. Our neighbors upstairs were clearly pissed we didn't invite them and decided to report us to the police. (I'm sure the the drunk kids on the balcony and the loud music at 4am had nothing to do with it.)

Obviously next time we'll invite the neighbors to keep them from calling the cops on us.

Here's some of us. None of the girls are my roommates but both Vickie (the girl in front of me) and Karin (the girl standing) used to live in my apartment but have since moved away.

The Bank Story:

I know I really left you all with a cliff hanger about the challenges of opening a bank account here. And in case you were wondering (as I’m sure you are), I had to go back to the bank two more times. The first was to actually make my first deposit. Then about a week later I had to go back to get my debit card and checks. Which by the way, the guy handed me without so much as a glance at my ID card. So that is a total of 4 trips to the bank to open an account. Though to be fair I could have avoided one of those trips if I had been more prepared.

Then, in order for my debit card to work I had to wait 24 hours after picking it up before going to an ATM where I was instructed to change my PIN. Another 24 hours later and I was finally able to withdraw money.

The New Room Story:

Also about three weeks ago I went to the mall with Karin. She helped me pick out new things for my room. I wanted to get a comforter to help make my room look more like, well, a room. Of course everything is green, from the lamp to the sheets. And I'd like to take the time to give a little shout out to a new reader, Alice, who sent me a wonderful care package for Christmas. Inside was, among other things, the coolest pencil holder I've ever seen. If you look closely, you can see it on my night stand. So, thanks again Alice!

And I'm pretty sure this is the cleanest my room has ever been.

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  1. Don't invite the neighbors they don't sound like very nice people .... invite the cops.

    The bank really didn't need to have you show up four times they just wanted multiple opportunities to interact with an exotic, attractive, pleasant, foreigner.

    Amazing how a woman who prefers rain and snow loves green, and another woman who prefers sunny and warm enjoys orange. Just saying green - summery, orange - fall like.
    Nice room, love the pencil holder >>smile<<
    I do believe that your room has been at least as clean - neat on the other hand ...