Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Four: Sunday

I met up once again with Secil and Shane and we took a bus to Ojos de Caburga, which is a small group of waterfalls. The bus left us about a 35 minute walk from the entrance to the falls. While walking we were rewarded with stunning views of the volcano.

Ojos de Caburga was pretty spectacular. The water was a brilliant shade of blue.

The pictures seriously don't do it justice.

We stayed for an hour or so. Secil and Shane had to be back in Pucon by 2pm to go Hydrospeeding (going down a rapid filled river….without a boat….no thanks). When we realized we had run out of time, we did the only logical thing. We hitchhiked. Ideally someone would take us all the way back to Pucon, but the only car that stopped for us could only take us back to the main road so we could catch the bus. We gladly accepted and climbed into the back of their pickup.

Once back in Pucon we parted ways, Secil and Shane to the river and I went to the beach. I rented a chair and relaxed with my book. Unfortunately, the sun was incredibly strong and I could feel myself burning so I retreated to my hostel.

Volcanic rock beach at Lago Villarrica.

I met up with Secil and Shane and we walked to the harbor which provided us, once again, with marvelous views of the volcano. We sat down at a cafe and people watched and I listened to stories from their separate travels through Peru and Bolivia and what they had in store for the upcoming months. After Bariloche, Secil is going to continue further south while Shane is going north.

I had a night bus to catch so we parted ways one final time. I’m so happy I met such nice people at the start of my short trip. I’m sure I still would have had a nice time in Pucon if I had not met them. But there is no way I would have laughed so much if it weren’t for them. And now I have a great excuse to visit Istanbul and Adelaide.

Okay. Here's one last shot of the volcano.

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  1. All your pictures are gorgeous. If as you say the pictures don't do the reality justice then your views must have been breathtaking.

    You seemed to have had a wonderful time with Secil and Shane I hope you all exchanged email or friend status or whatever it is you might do so that you can keep in touch. Would be nice to keep up with their respective travels as they seemed to be a bunch of fun.

    I am so very happy that you had such a great time on your trip. Going to such a lovely area, meeting wonderful people, and seeing great sights. The only thing that it seems could have made it better is if you had more time.

    Thanks for all the blogs - it was wonderful to see Pucon through your eyes.