Saturday, March 5, 2011

1 week down, 40 more to go

Well it seems I have survived my first week as a fifth grade teacher. Though it has definitely been an exhausting and stressful week.

Our school is in the process of a fairly large renovation. Part of this includes expanding the casino. I should probably point out here that the casino is the same thing as a cafeteria. The expansion of the casino was not finished in time for the March 1st start date. Without a casino the students cannot eat lunch. No lunch means that for the first two weeks of school, students are being dismissed at 1pm instead of 4pm. I still have to stay until 4, but as a new teacher I was happy to find out that my first two weeks of teaching would be three periods shorter.

For the first few days, I was busy handing out supplies, assigning class helpers, going over class rules, and reviewing what was learned (and subsequently forgotten) last year. The kids have been great so far (all 28 of them). These are the same students I worked with at the end of the last school year. And I think we're going to have a lot of fun this year.

I was also asked to sub for one period (45 minutes) in a 7th grade social studies class. The kids were amazing and incredibly helpful. Especially because at their level, social studies is taught in Spanish.

Next week I will begin the new units for the first term. Which means I have a busy day ahead of me filled with lesson plans and lots of caffeine.


  1. Fantastic to hear that the kids are being wonderful.

    Wow, you got to teach Social Studies in Spanish - how cool was that? Just goes to emphasize to you how much good students and a good teacher can make for an excellent learning environment.

    I am so happy that things seem to be going so well and wish you another 20 weeks of the same or, even, better.


  2. Maggie:

    First, let me say as somebody you dont know at all, thank you for your blog! I am moving with my husband to Santiago this summer (probably around July) and have learned SO much already from reading your blog.
    I have two questions, one is where are you learning Spanish? Its the first thing I want to do when we get there (well after finding an apartment and settling in...). Are you using a private tutor or a school?
    Second, I am SO interested in how you found a job and you dont speak Spanish! Any insight would be GREAT. I am afraid I am going to get there and be bored...:-).
    Let me know if you would prefer I send you my email address! Thanks SO much

    Liz K.

  3. Thanks Liz! I wrote you back on ExpatBlog. Let me know if you have more questions!