Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)

Also, I need to go back to carrying my camera with me at all times. Yesterday I missed the most amazing photo opportunity. There was an old lady sitting on a bench near my apartment feeding pigeons. And instead of tossing the bread onto the ground, the pigeons were sitting in her lap eating the bread right out of her hands. Almost ten of them. I guess she never got the memo that pigeons are diseased rats with wings. She looked very similar to the Central Park pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.


  1. You need to start thinking of your camera like you think about your ipod, cell phone, wallet/purse or your under-ware... don't leave home without it!

    Sycophantic fans (your blog is the bestest and we love your work. You are the gringa goddess. More blogs please[with pics taken by you])demand the real pics - not the ones you spend hours finding, sorting and putting up from movies.

    Who's Blog is it anyway?

  2. >looks at wrist - smiles - looks at wrist again<

    "pigeons are diseased rats with wings"

    >>big SEG smiles<<

  3. joseph! my tattoo is of a DOVE! not a pigeon!

  4. No, I'm sorry, you are incorrect.

    If it was on the other wrist it would be a dove

    .............or in other words.

    pot-aye-toes : pot-ah-toes

    *- smiles -*
    (longest word in the dictionary... 'cause there is a mile between the two esses)