Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On Sunday, Mike and I went to my uncle's house. First we stopped at the grocery store to buy my aunt some flowers. As we were walking I told Mike how on Sundays I always run into hoards of Americans looking around for something that's open. (You should know that on Sundays everything here is closed.) So of course, as I was telling this to Mike, we walked past a trio of Abercrombie & Fitch clones.

And sure enough, they stopped us and asked us if we knew of a place that was open to eat lunch.

I don't think they liked my answer when I told them the Pizza Hut they were standing in front of was pretty much the only place open.


  1. Gringos ... hahahaha

    You could have given them directions to Los Arcos Dorados, an internationally acclaimed restaurant often frequented by the A&F crowd.

  2. Really is that what you call them?!? Abercombie & Fitch clones. That's kinda of funny.

  3. omg joe. los arcos dorados. love it.