Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nuez Moscada

Few people will appreciate this post. But that is only because most people are not aware of my absolute obsession with nutmeg. I mean, I love nutmeg so much I'm actually writing a post on my blog about it. And I promise you it has nothing to do with the fact that a large enough dose of nutmeg can cause hallucinations. (Especially because I just became aware of this while browsing on Wikipedia.)

I've always loved nutmeg. I've also always loved pasta with béchamel sauce. And you should know that my mom makes the best béchamel sauce. But hers is the best because after she added a dash of nutmeg I would always go and add more. Because one dash of nutmeg is never a sufficient amount.

Anyway, there are only two spices that I miss from the US. One of course is nutmeg and the other is crushed red pepper flakes. So try to imagine my delight when I found nuez moscada (that's Spanish for nutmeg) at the grocery store. I have absolutely no idea how much I paid for it because I instantly threw it into the cart with no regard to the price.

So this concludes my post about nutmeg. I'm sure once I find crushed red pepper flakes (or someone mails me some...hint, hint) I'll post about that too. I'll try to make the red pepper flakes post more interesting. No promises though.


  1. Obviously, a word to be avoided at all costs within the classroom, your spice girl name would be nutmaggie.

  2. Flakemaggie would be just as bad! So glad you found nutmeg - and I promise we'll bring some red pepper flakes when we go see you!

  3. How did the Nutmeg end up tasting? The same as in the US??

  4. Margarita acá en Chile usamos la nuez moscada para cocinar, pero sobre todo para combatir las alergias. Le hacemos un hoyito al medio, le pasamos un hilo rojo y la colgamos al cuello. Es un secreto de naturaleza para las alergias, y dicen que funciona.

  5. I've been wearing a "nutmeg necklace" for over a year to help with allergies. Since I've escaped all four seasons with relatively minor suffering, I'd say it helps even if it's only psychosomatically.