Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week Two

I usually dislike Sundays. Only because you’re mere hours away from having to return to work. But this morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise. It’s daylight savings time! And the good one where the daylight gods return the hour of sleep they stole from you six months ago.

Another week of classes has ended and thankfully it was less stressful than the first. I still have a lot to prepare for. But rather than stressing about that while at work, I instead spend my time decorating my classroom. It might not be the best use of my time, but it is certainly more fun. I’ll bring my camera next week so I can take pictures.

In other news:

1. Empecé mis clases de castellano la semana pasada! In case you were wondering, Castellano is the word they use for Spanish, rather than Español. And here, they don't capitalize languages. Anyway, I started my Spanish classes this past week! A friend of a friend is teaching me. We meet two days a week for two hours at a time.

2. I’ve been in South America for 6 months!! To celebrate, here's a picture of a pig wearing galoshes.

This is a miniature pig. I want one.

And in case you were wondering, those boots
previously belonged to a Paddington Bear.

3. My niece, Ella turned 2!

Here she is at Halloween.

4. Last weekend I was excessively thrilled to find nutmeg in the grocery store. My favorite find of this weekend? A Brita water filter. I had never seen them here before so I sort of assumed they didn’t have them. But on Saturday, my friend Karin suggested we go to Jumbo. For those of you who don’t, Jumbo is basically a Walmart on steroids.

The place was huge. The only downside was that half of the population of Chile was there. (Yes, that was a hyperbole.) Exaggeration or not, there certainly were a lot of people there. But I left with a Brita water filter so it was totally worth all the invasions into my personal space.

Okay it’s lesson planning time. I guess I better get used to this.

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  1. 4) You are such a gringa - Brita ... the natives are Jumbo laughing. >>smile<<
    3) Ella Pumpkin eating Milk Duds it just doesn't get much cuter than that.
    2) Thought bubble for the pig: 'WT#! The other pigs are getting their Jumbo laughs now but just wait until I get out of these story book bear boots.' (couldn't resist the alliteration)
    1) Good for you. Hope your lessons go well and quickly.
    You don't know Jack! - Do you know Jack? - Veni, vidi (Jack), vici (Castellano). (see 'Xenophobia')