Sunday, April 17, 2011


So for those of you who don’t actually know me, today is my 27th birthday. I know, I’m so old. Anyway, here’s a recap of the birthday festivities.


I got these beautiful flowers delivered to work. They were from my mom and Joe and they were delivered by my Tio Mario. It was such a nice surprise. And it was really cute because my students actually thought the flowers were sent from the United States. So they were all super impressed. I didn’t have the heart to tell them otherwise.

Flowers, a balloon, and my messy dresser.


We had a party at our apartment last night. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you might remember reading about our problems with the police. Well, yesterday was no exception. Around 11pm, two police officers showed up. We were pretty mad for several reasons:

1) It was 11pm

2) At that point there were only about 7 or 8 people in the apartment

3) The music wasn’t even that loud

4) It was only 11pm.

Anyway, the officers asked for an ID, and so I gave them mine in the hope of having them take pity on us since it was T-minus one hour until my birthday. Didn’t work. The cop took one look at my ID and asked quite rudely “She’s Chilean? Why doesn’t she speak Spanish?” (Gee, Officer, I haven't heard that one before.) Thankfully we only received a warning. But for the rest of the evening, whenever the doorbell would ring, I thought it was the cops coming back.

Here's the 7 of us making such a ruckus the police had to show up.

After midnight it was officially my birthday. And the girls came out with my cake and some champagne.

Yes, I know it's blurry, but I still love it.

The only not blurry one. But how can you not
appreciate how awkward we look?

Nope, you're not supposed to understand this photo.

Around 3:30, a few of us decided a trip to McDonalds was beyond necessary. Luckily there is one open 24 hours a few blocks from the apartment. As per usual, the place was packed and everyone started gawking at us because we were speaking in English.

A drunk guy standing in line behind us asked which one of us was the gringa. (That would be me.) He then asked me to explain the difference between a college and a university. Since I actually know the answer, I tried to explain it to him. I don't think it worked because he asked me again 2 minutes later. Then, because the US is so small and obviously I know every single university and college, he asked me to tell him which school was better: the University of Florida or Concordia College in New York. Knowing absolutely nothing about either of these schools, and assuming he'd forget our conversation in a few minutes, I told him to go with New York. Simply because I like it better than Florida.

Anyway, here's Miss Karin posing with one
of the many dogs sleeping inside McDonalds.


After massively cleaning the apartment I went to my uncle’s apartment (on the 19th floor) for another celebration. They had decorated the apartment with balloons and ribbons. After we ate some cake, my uncle told me we could throw the balloons out the window. Now I’m not one for littering. But I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it is to throw something out of a window on the 19th floor.

And finally a picture of my uncle and me. This one's for my mom.


  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy x 27

    A site for you - not on a school night:

    Friday ... Love the collage (beastie bacon walkings, and two DeNieces + DeNephew)

    Saturday ... Seven great looking women and you wonder why the cops showed up? I can only think that they were struck dumb by your beauty as an excuse for why they couldn't find a reason to stay or return. (The Magnificent Seven has achieved new meaning for me)

    Did you notice that when you click on the photo of the seven of you *enlarging it) that 5 have full daemon eyes 1 has 1 daemon eye (Flo) and you are the only one with no red eye?
    Also wondering about the only pic that is in focus; why do you have strange designs on your head and by your right arm?
    Witchy woman:
    Raven hair and ruby lips
    Sparks fly from her finger tips
    Echoed voices in the night
    She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight
    Wooo hooo witchy woman, see how
    High she flies
    Woo hoo witchy woman she got
    The moon in her eye
    She held me spellbound in the night
    Dancing shadows and firelight
    Crazy laughter in another
    Room ... [Eagles]

    Miffed that there is something else in your blog that I am not supposed to understand...grrr.

    I see from the pic with the puppy that you decided to go slumming and hang with the A&F crowd (you ginga you). *previous post reference*


    Did you think the natives might look up and say:
    "It is balllooooooon"
    If you don't understand the reference you didn't watch enough Nick at Night


  2. Hey, I sent you a Happy B-day message on here on your B-day, but just now seeing that it didn't post for some reason...

    So, Happy Birthday (late by a few days, more maybe because you are in the southern hemisphere?)...!!!

    That pix must mean something other than just that "Inglorious Basterds" is a great movie?

    Skype soon?