Friday, April 22, 2011

Semana Santa

So this Sunday is Easter. Which means only two things to me: chocolate and a three and a half day weekend. Chile is a predominantely Catholic country which has its pros and cons. In the pro column are all the holidays. Not being Catholic, I haven't heard of half of them, but I get them off from work nonetheless. Then in the con column there is the fact that abortions are still illegal and divorce was only legalized in 2004.

Yesterday it was Holy Thursday so we got out of work at 1pm. Today we have the day off and so far I've achieved my goal of not getting out of bed unless absolutely necessary. Actually I've set some pretty lofty goals for the weekend. They include watching as many movies as possible, sleeping often, and being an all around sloth. I fully intend to achieve all of these goals.


  1. Sloths are adorable animals - so being an all around sloth is a wonderful thing. Enjoy your slothy weekend Poochie.

    And did you know this fun fact about sloths?

    What is the only reason two-toed sloths will go to the ground?

    to pass feces and urine. Slow metabolism and a compartmented stomach like cattle causes slow digestion of food. It can take a month to digest a single meal. This is why two-toed sloths only have to pass feces and urine once a week. The sloths will descend to the ground and dig a small hole at the base of the tree. When done, they will cover the hole with dirt and go back up the tree.

  2. Happy you are having a nice relaxed day.

    More Blog Please.
    (maybe between movies)

    Reactions to fun fact:

    South Park Dramatization:
    heh heh heh ... she said 'feces' (Cartman)
    (they pass it? (Kyle)
    ... Who do they pass it to?(Stan)
    Maybe the Friday musical chairs loser? ... I mean like ... 'Sorry TimmmmAy -- no chair for you but hey, here's some feces' (Cartman).
    hahahahahahaha (Kenny))

  3. Maggie - I am so proud I was able to teach you something. If you need any tips on being a sloth, let me know.

    What movies you plan on watching??

  4. Oh and I agree I have never heard of Holly Thursday. There is already Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. What about Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday??