Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Reason number 342 why my mom is better than your mom: she holds up her computer so I can skype with my cat.

Sir Bacon.


  1. Very easy being a good mom to such a wonderful person!

  2. Some of the other names that have been awarded, as a result of accomplishments and endearing personality traits, to Sir Bacon:

    Bacon: More calories/ounce than any other 23 lb cat (Though Miss M might give you other reasons for that name)-(looks like Buda moves like lightning)

    BEASTIE: Acronym applies (Boy Entering Anarchic States Towards Internal Excellence)

    The Grey Mouser: He is grey and ...

    Fluffernutter: soft and chubby

    Mr. Pinks: He has wonderful pink belly fur that his other mom just loves to rub - somewhat to his consternation.

    Purr Factory: When he purrs loudly he purrs LOUDLY.

    Dope on a rope: He is an outside kitty within the limitations of his rope which he tangles around trees, chairs, and tufts of grass.

    Rumbly Grumbly Kitty: see Purr Factory

    Evita Cat: He loves to have his arm pits rubbed and when he has his arms up he resembles the pose of Evita addressing the crowd in the movie of the same name.

    Beasters: Cause sometimes he gets carried away when he plays and will use enhanced mousing techniques on your hand.

    Monster Cat: For the same reason some trucks are called Monster Trucks - he is a 23lb cat with tendencies toward being Beasters (see above)

    Steam Shovel: It appears that his lower jaw unhinges when he chooses to pack in the dry food.

    First Kitty (of the Litter Box): Must be first into the new litter.

    Momma's boy

    He truly needs to be so big because he means so much to many people ... not to mention his kitty friends.

  3. I hear he has a new name...

  4. there are only TWO appropriate names for that cat.

    1. Bacon

    2. Tocino (that's Spanish for 'bacon')

  5. Call him whatever you like.

    Since he is here - and you aren't - He has indicated that he will answer, as much as any cat answers, to anything we decide to call him with the exception of 'late for dinner'!

    Appropriate be damned -or, in childish terms, nyah nyah na nyah nyah.