Monday, May 9, 2011

What the what??

You may recall that back in March there was some confusion over whether or not we were suppose to change our clocks back an hour. The confusion stemmed from all those pesky electronic devices (computers, cell phones, even my damn iPod) automatically changing the time for us silly humans.

Well it appears that two months later, the time changing confusion has struck again. And what’s worse, is that the time changed over 24 hours ago and I just realized what I believed to be 7am.

Here are all the clues I foolishly overlooked:

1. My sometimes roommate Vicky wasn’t awake. (She ALWAYS leaves for work at the same time as me.)

2. There was no newspaper sitting on our door mat, despite it ALWAYS being there when it’s the correct time to go to work.

3. The convenience store and bread shop that are ALWAYS open when I leave for work, were in fact closed.

4. The woman who is ALWAYS selling newspapers in front of the metro was not there.

5. The kiosko in the metro was closed. (Okay, well sometimes it’s not open.)

And finally, the last clue that finally made me realize it was in fact 6am, was when I asked the security guard at the metro and he told me what time it really was.

So you see, when my alarm clock(s) went off at “6:15am” it was in fact, 5:15 in the morning. So I left for work at 6 instead of 7. I would have just gone to work anyway, (trust me, there’s always plenty to do there) but I was told once, that the school doesn’t actually open until 7. And when faced with the options of going back home and writing this blog or going to work and possibly being forced to wait (in the cold) for an hour, I obviously chose to come home.

This was not how I wanted to get my stolen hour back.

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  1. I am not sure that many would have picked up on any those clues at 6am.


    ...Success !!!

    Even the pesky machines and the people who are responsible for when the clocks change joined the conspiracy to get more Maggie blog.

    By hook or by crook we will prevail
    To hear more of Miss Maggie's tale
    We don't want to be hogs
    We just want more BLOGS!

    Your loss was our gain ... Thanks for the gumball Maggie (this commercial reference might pass you by so check it out:
    else just substitute in blog for gumball)