Monday, June 6, 2011

Express Yourself

My mom and Joe found these ads plastered all over the metro station by their hotel. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the ads are for Kotex pads and yes, they are telling women to "express themselves". How do they suggest you express yourself? By wearing one of their products that has been decorated with flowers, butterflies and hearts. 

I'm sorry, what??

First off, who in their right mind would want to share how they are expressing themselves (in the way they are suggesting) with anyone?? Like, "Hey Susie, today I'm expressing myself with butterflies." Or better yet, can you picture yourself letting your boyfriend know you're expressing yourself with flowers and hearts? 

We found the whole thing quite ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact, that we had one too many conversations about it. 

If they want you to be "expressing yourself" why don't they come up with more appropriate themes. Butterflies and flowers just aren't really something most people associate with that special time of the month. So here's what I suggest:

When you're feeling incredibly bitchy and are moments away from killing everyone in sight, how about one decorated with bombs, knives and guns. 

When you can't pry yourself away from the fridge and are shoveling all the food within your reach into your mouth, how about one decorated with potato chips and candy.

And finally, during the time when you can't seem to stop crying, how about one decorated with boxes of kleenex and the sad Care Bear. You know, this guy:

If Kotex really wants you to "express yourself", they should at least let you pick from more appropriate themes. 


  1. Maybe a little opportunity to personalize how you express yourself ...

    ...Maybe a web address ...

    ...To a BLOG (?)

    Ie. You want to know how I feel? Read it here

    Personally I think each box should come with a T-Shirt expressing a particular feeling - you know they could market it to encourage you to get the whole set.

    Figuring that right about now anyone reading this would like to express themselves by indicating, appropriate finger raised in my general direction, that I am #1.

    Thank you for that!

  2. You're right, we definitely had one too many conversations about this subject, but seriously, it was so bizarre. It makes you wonder who comes up with ideas for advertising. And what's with the "28 dias contigo"? Just the thought of it can give one the shivers.