Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare, Part 2.

One of the first things we did (my mom, Joe, and I) was go to Mercado Central for lunch. Well, they had lunch. I simply went along for the fun of it. People go to Mercado Central to eat and buy fresh seafood from one of the dozens of stalls.

Outside Mercado Central

Mercado Central was opened in 1872. Parts of the building were actually constructed in Europe and brought over. It's a popular destination for both tourists and locals. 
Once inside, there was no mistaking us for tourists. I had my camera out and ready the entire time we were there. Boisterous fishmongers eagerly stopped us, encouraging us to buy their seafood or eat in their restaurants. 
We walked along the stalls taking pictures and trying to avoid slipping on the wet floors. I didn’t want to imagine what sorts of liquid I was walking through. 

 Ever wanted to know what the inside of a tuna looked like? Well here you go:

Why is it on the floor??

We settled on a fish restaurant away from the center of the market. My mom was excited to eat typical Chilean seafood and I was just as excited that they sold Coca-Cola Zero. Joe ate clams, and they both had conger eel prepared two ways.
Conger eel soup. 

Mercado Central is not only a fish market. There are also stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables and Chilean wines and spices. 
Much better.
The produce stalls were much nicer than the fish ones. Not only were they prettier, but they smelled way better too.


  1. That was such a fun day! Loved the food, and by the way, the liquid you were walking on is probably just melted ice! And you did eat something, even if it was just bread with pebre!

  2. Right...melted ice. I think you meant to say melted ice with fish goo.