Friday, July 15, 2011

Bulletin Board

In my classroom I only have one bulletin board. At first I wasn't sure what to use it for. In the end, I figured it was the best place to showcase some of the amazing (and not so amazing) artwork of my students. Now it has become a competition among a few of them. They are trying to get as many pictures up on the board, so space is running out.

Some of my students are really quite talented. Take a look.

The whole board.

Love the colors.

A student showing some Coldplay love.


  1. Love the pink flower in the blue background!

  2. I might consider that if the cold play artists can't name 2 songs they are blatant suckups - which is ok but might be noted in passing.

    I like the pic that has the sparkle trees and the unidentifiable animal.

    2nd place goes to the marvelous granny-smith apple >>smile<<

    The wary eye goes to butterfly - That kid either is unaware of your feelings or is trying to provoke you. >>smile again<<

  3. the "sparkle tree" is actually fireworks. and the unidentifiable animal is a mouse. but that was from an activity we did about "the witches"