Saturday, July 2, 2011


Spanish lesson of the day: burbujas = bubbles

Last weekend I went to the MIM. That’s the acronym for Museo Interactivo Mirador. It’s a science museum for children (and adults that like that kind of stuff). I went with my Spanish teacher Alejandra, her boyfriend and one of their friends.

Seeing how it was a Saturday, the place was filled with a plethora of headache-inducing children running amok.  But then again, it’s a children’s museum, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything different. There were several rooms, each with a specific theme, ranging in topics from optical illusions to the weather.

I should probably add a side note here. Growing up outside of San Francisco, my family and I frequently visited the Exploratorium, an amazing, hands-on science museum in the city. They had an exhibit where you could make huge bubbles. There was a table filled with a soapy solution and huge metal rings that would produce gigantic bubbles.

Well, the MIM one-upped the Exploratorium, much to my delight. They had a whole room just for bubbles. There were at least six stations to make giant bubbles. It was definitely my favorite part of the whole museum. No, seriously. I would totally go back just to play with the bubbles. It was that much fun.  

Alejandra in a bubble.

I'm in a bubble!

Seba in a bubble.

(Gabriel was in a bubble too. But it popped before I could take a picture.)

Now for a few non-bubble related pictures. Really just to prove the museum had other things to do besides playing with bubbles.

Seba, playing a game very similar to Operation. 
I've always loved optical illusions.

While writing about all the bubbles, I couldn't help but think about a certain fish from Finding Nemo. 

We feel the same way about bubbles.


  1. Loved the video! And it brought back lots of wonderful memories of the Exploratorium (your post not the video). I remember taking you and several other little girls there, for your birthday! And the claustrophobia in the tactile dome!

  2. (not 1st)

    Where I am not going with this - Think TOSH.O: "Give me 30 seconds on the clock."

    MAGGIE IN A BUBBLE! - My bubble! My bubble!

    Seba less than 5 sec later - BUZzzzz.

    Needed the caption on the optical illusion.

    Mirrors: Look --- Maggie's flashing everyone on her blog!

    Loved the video ... will now have to hang with the nephew and nieces and watch the movie.


    Looks like you all had a great time. Have more great times please (selfish of me but I want more BLOG!).