Sunday, August 7, 2011

Andate a la Casa

On Thursday five students were absent. As the day progressed, students were dropping like flies. In all, I sent seven students to the nurse, three were sent home, and two more would have gone home if someone could have come to pick them up. During lunch, my class was like the infirmary. I had three girls laying down while some of their classmates played nurse and fetched them water. One of the students wrote this on the board:

She named the virus "Go to your home"

On Friday nine students were absent. Nine. Out of twenty-nine. It was crazy. 

So needless to say, with so many sick children I spent all day yesterday in bed feeling like crap. Luckily, today I felt better. 

All I can hope is that the 5B virus has passed and everyone is back tomorrow.


  1. Feel (in the Chilean way) better better Miss Maggie.

    Hope everyone is back to school, being their exuberant, inquisitive, selves and that the 'go home' virus has passed.

    Best -feel good- wishes to all.

    (congrats on your 24 flags. what continent are you missing?)

  2. 25 flags now. and i'm missing antarctica!

    also, to update you (and anyone else who cares) monday we were missing 9 students (again!) and today, we're missing 7!

  3. Congrats!
    Russia! Welcome Russia!
    Cant wait 'till you get antarctica that will be an interesting day -- hope they take the time to post. <<smile<<

    Glad to hear that the number of ill are dropping.

    All things being equal, and the pattern continues, you might actually be getting new students by the end of next week <<smile<<, (dahr!, -9, -9, -7, -7, -5, -5, -3, -3, -1, -1, +1 .....)