Thursday, August 4, 2011

¿Por Qué Chile?

For Spanish homework Alejandra asked me to write about why I came to Chile. And after I had finished it, I figured it would be the perfect first Spanish post for my blog. So here it goes:

Yo vine a Chile por tres razones. No, cuatro.

Primero, yo quería vivir en otro país. Yo soy chilena, entonces la decisión fue muy fácil.

La segunda razón por la que yo quería cambiarme a Chile es porque tengo mucho familia aquí. Yo quería conocerlos mejor. Y tengo familia en Chile que yo no conocía.

Tercero, yo quería aprender castellano. Mi mamá y casi todos en mi familia hablan en castellano. Tengo parientes que no hablan en inglés y si yo querio hablar con ellos, tengo que aprender castellano.

Finalmente, la cuarta razón por la que yo quería cambiarme a Chile es porque ¿Por qué no? Chile es un país muy bonito. Hay algo para todos los gustos. En el norte hay un desierto (
el más árido del mundo). En el centro hay una ciudad muy grande. Hay montañas, volcanes y lagos en el sur. Y en el oeste está el océano pacífico. ¡No hay muchos lugares como Chile en todo el mundo! Y yo creo que todos podrían venir a Chile. (Pero por favor no vengan todos al mismo tiempo, el metro ya está demasiado lleno de gente.)

I don't really feel like translating it, so if you're super curious just copy and paste it into Google Translate and I'm sure it will accurately translate about half of what I wrote.


  1. I think you are making great strides in working to adapt. The idea that you are willing to share your improving language skills impresses me no end.

    I am going to try my reverse free-hand (no mom no google) translation skills (lack there of). Feel free to correct me as I am sure I'll miss or mess up parts.

    I traveled to Chile for three reasons. No four.

    First, I like to travel to other places. I am Chilean, which made my decision very easy.

    The second reason I decided to come to Chile is that I have a lot of family here. I wanted to know them better. [this one is difficult for me] And I wanted to know family what I did not know (?And I wanted meet family I had not met yet?).

    Third, I wanted to learn Spanish. My mom, and all my family speak Spanish. Not all of my relatives(?) speak English, so in order to speak with them I need to learn Spanish.

    Finally, The forth reason why I decided to come to Chile is, why not? Chile is very beautiful. It has everything (free range translation I'm sure). In the north is has desert (the most arid(?) in the world). In the middle a very big(nice/grand/wonderful(?)) city. The mountains and volcanoes are in the south. To the west is the pacific ocean. [not sure at all here] There is no place like Chile in the entire world! And I -(guessing here) would have everyone come(visit?)- to Chile. ((more guessing)- Please not all at the same time, the metro is (?I'm going with) crowded)

    I'm sure you did better than I did (yes I cheated on a word or two... not more than three... If you had stuck to three reasons I would have been fine I think >>smile<<)