Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is a post about sandwiches.

Ham is one of the most popular foods here in Chile. In fact, it is so popular that if you go to a Subway restaurant you can get a ham sandwich for one luca. (Luca is slang...similar in meaning to a buck.) Now this one luca sandwich comes with ham (obviously) and an assortment of other free toppings (cheese, vegetables, sauces).

If you go to those same Subways selling ham sandwiches for a luca (about $2) you can also buy a vegetarian sandwich. You know, the ones that don't have any meat on them. So one might assume that a vegetarian sandwich would be cheaper than the ham sandwich seeing how it has no ham on it. Wrong. A vegetarian sandwich actually costs more than twice the price of a ham sandwich (over $4).

So I am paying an extra luca to Subway for them to NOT put ham on my sandwich.

I know what you're thinking, order the ham sandwich and then take the ham off. Well, this vegetarian prefers her vegetables to not be tainted by pork products thank you very much.

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  1. Order a ham sandwich hold the ham or ham on the side.

    Jack Nicholson had a great scene in which he wanted toast - toast was a breakfast item and they stopped serving breakfast at 11am. He asks if they sell a BLT, or something like that. The answer is yes. So he tells the guy to make him the BLT and hold the B, the L, the T, and the mayo.

    Go for it. Can't hurt trying and maybe you can save your 'buck'.

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