Saturday, September 10, 2011


Thursday was the last day of the second term. The students left at 1:00 and then we had parent-teacher conferences for two days. But I'll get to that part later. Anyway on that last day my kids watched Rio. In case you haven't seen it, Rio is about birds with a few humans thrown in for fun. The main human character is a girl named Linda, who my students decided was my animated doppleganger. Once she came on screen they started saying that she was Miss Maggie (that's me). Of course my immediate response was that my glasses are nowhere near as big as hers. They quickly pointed out that we both wear a clip in our hair, so of course we're identical. It's hard to argue with that kind of logic. 

Anyway, here's Linda (and Blu). 

Okay, on to the parent-teacher conferences. The only thing I wanted to mention about those was that this term I did not use a translator. That's right. I did them by myself. In Spanish. Feel free to be in awe of my mad skills.


  1. 1st off a warm welcome to Brazil - newest visitor.
    (need to title more of your blog entries with places in countries that aren't visiting yet ;)

    2nd Think of me as Blu - fist to you.

    -- note to the kids... Miss Maggie has a much nicer smile.

  2. She kind of looks like you, so I think your kids are partially right - but I'm your mommy so I'm entitled to say you're lots more beautiful!

    And the P/T conferences without a translator...that is HUGE!