Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Post about Ducks

Today a student shared a piece of information with me that I felt compelled to pass along to my loyal readers.

"Miss Maggie, did you know that the penis of an Argentine Duck is half the length of its body?"

I responded with something like "Oh, cool" before fully processing what he had told me. (It was before 8am...I was half asleep.)

That's just his foot.
He told me he found the information on Wikipedia. Prior to writing this post I too read about the unique characteristics of the Argentine Duck's penis online. You know, for scientific purposes.  And now I'm sorry to say I know more about the genitalia of ducks than I ever really wanted to know.

Turns out not only is the penis half the length of the bird, it's also in the shape of a corkscrew.

Now you'll have something to talk about around the water cooler tomorrow at work. 

You're welcome.


  1. Are you sure that's just his foot? I'm deeply troubled about the corkscrew part of your post. Not that I'm thinking of the female duck. But I'm wondering if there is a reason for that particular characteristic. I'll have to investigate it.

  2. Oh yes the female ducks have corkscrew shaped parts as well (according to wiki). This must make reproducing quite interesting.

  3. Evolution is a fascinating subject:


  4. OK, I've officially spent way too much time reading about duck reproductive systems and practices. And Joe tells me there's even a video...in case you're still interested. I'll be skipping it.

  5. thanks, but i think i'll skip the duck porn.

  6. #1 Not porn
    #2 Video is opt in - not required
    #3 The text is high quality information, with educational value.

    So much for trying to upgrade the quality of the water cooler chat.

    As the blogger has said herself when miffed at the tone, or direction, the conversation was taking: "Whatever." >>smile<<

  7. joseph, i'll give you a million and half dollars if you can guess what 'filo' means.

    if it helps, picture me saying it while rolling my eyes.

  8. I get that you don't give a flying DUCK!
    (paraphrase 'fila')
    I'll see you and raise you another


    >>smile<< (show me the money!)

  9. mom, i'm going to need to borrow some money...

  10. Nah, your credit is good with me.

    I'll just take it out in trade.

    Spanish lessons while you are home valued at 25k per. >>smile<< you do the math.