Friday, October 14, 2011

Teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day. In my opinion it's better than Christmas. This morning when I arrived to school my kids were basically throwing presents at me (not literally...that wouldn't be nice). My favorite things to receive are home made cards. I know, it's super cheesy. But my kids write the cutest things!

Example number one:

For this one to make sense you need to know that today students leave early and the school takes all the teachers out to lunch. We're going to a Brazilian restaurant called 'Acuarela'.

"Hello Miss Maggie, I am Carlos, have a very nice day in the restaurant "Acuarela". I recommend you to eat the fish."

Example number two:

"Because you are the best teacher in the world I would write you a poem.

For the best teacher,
Is this poem,
Because I can not,
Give you roses.

You're special,
You're the best,
You're the best teacher
And you give us tests."

I mean come students are ADORABLE!


  1. Loved the "best" / "tests" rhyme! Your students do seem totally adorable - and you were lucky to get so many presents, particularly the beautiful butterfly necklace! I know how fond you are about them so I'm sure it will be a wonderful addition to all the butterfly-related items you've collected over the years!

  2. let's just hope my student wont notice that i never wear it.

  3. You'll get a note next week informing you that you were supposed to share it with the class.

    You really do seem to have a wonderful group of kids.

    I think they must feel pretty good about about you too.

  4. New Flag welcome to Singapore.

    With 39 flags in play the count down to 'The Whole World Is Watching' drops to (simple math here 196 - 39 =) 157.

    MoaG rocks ... rolls ... gathers some moss ... rocks again.