Monday, April 23, 2012

Party Underground

The tectonic plates really need to relax. 

Here's a picture of all the little hiccups this past week.

See the big yellow square underneath a smaller yellow square? That's from my birthday last week. Fun times, I tell you.

And in case you don't check the USGS website daily (wait, only I do that?) the blue squares represent earthquakes from the past 24 hours and yellow ones are from the past week. Thankfully there are no red squares; those show up within an hour of the quake. With my luck I just jinxed it.

1 comment:

  1. Chile 2012
    The rectangular area that encompasses Chile and some surrounding area shows that there have been 104 underground parties in your neighborhood:
    30 Jan
    33 Feb
    26 Mar
    15 Apr (to date)
    Of them 89 have been low key (M<5) and for the most part unnoticed except possibly for those in the immediate neighborhood, 15 (M>5) have drawn the attention and ire of neighbors with 3 (M>6) of those causing damage and/or injury and been cause for news local and global.

    The good news is that Chile in all it's wisdom is one of the most prepared countries, to withstand earthquake damage, in the world.
    The bad news is that being prepared doesnt stop you from having the pants (jammies) scared off you when the world parties in your neighborhood.

    As of this writing you haven't jinxed anything .... but maybe my writing ... >>smile<<