Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thanks, Earth.

My birthday has proved to be very Chilean. 

At 12:50am, I woke up because my room was shaking. This is what went through my head, in this order:

1. Is this real, or am I dreaming?
2. WTF?! It's my birthday!
3. Why isn't it stopping?
4. Oh crap, it's getting worse.
5. Shit! Where are my glasses?
6. I think I hear my roommate shouting, I guess I should get up.
7. Oh, this is not fun.
8. Bummer, the electricity went out.
9. Where is my effing flashlight?!
10. Yay. It stopped.
11. Why are people shouting? 
12. Maybe we should go downstairs. 
13. I'm tired.
14. I have to wake up in how many more hours?
15. I want to go back to bed.

Last night on TV the news said the earthquake was a 6.7. When I looked this morning on USGS.gov, I was surprised to see it listed at 5.1. That's a big downgrade. Joe pointed out that the 5.1 was an additional earthquake to the 6.7. They just happened in the same spot so it was hard to read on the map. So we basically got two quakes for the price of one.

After posting about it on Facebook, a friend of mine wrote me a funny message:
"It's just Earth's way of saying happy birthday!"

Uh, a card would have been fine too.


  1. USGS still has you up at 6.7 Mag followed 13 minutes later by a 5.1 Mag in virtually the same spot.

    Kinda like a HAPPy HAppy Birthday from the earth. Think maybe you have had enough of 'happy' and need to move on to Joy Joy >>smile<< (there is so much inside stuff there -pun intended- i wont go into detail)

    In any case if you would like to follow the continuing saga of earth wishing folks a 'happy' day you can find it here:



    Joyous Birthday Maggie.

    Here's Bill Nye the science guy with a little earthquake rap to get the smile back on the face above that really pretty scarf.

    be sure to watch the entire 2:50


  2. wow joe i didn't see that! all i saw was the 5.1. So you're telling me there was not one, but 2 earthquakes on my birthday?!?

    1. Actually Maggie there have been a bunch of earthquakes (28 as of this reply)on your birthday only two of them so far have hit in your neighborhood and those were ~13 min. and ~5 miles apart.

      New Guinea has had the worst today at a 6.8 Mag., with your first quake (6.7 Mag.) and the South Sandwich Islands (6.2 Mag. less than an hour ago) being the 3 >= 6.0 Mag. so far today.

      The first quake of the day (Universal Time Clock) was in Central California (USA) and measured 3.4 Mag. (roughly 1/1000 the energy of your first one)

    2. that's a whole lot of research!