Sunday, May 13, 2012

Batman en Vivo!

Prepare for an onslaught of videos and pictures.

On Wednesday I went to see Batman Live at the Movistar Arena. The show is playing through Sunday. The centro de padres (sort of like a PTO) at my school got free tickets for all the students in fifth grade (and their teachers) to go see the show. Each student received three tickets so they could bring their parents or siblings. I went with my fellow fifth grade teacher, Carolina, her son and two of his friends. Her son goes to another school and they also received free tickets.

After an almost hour and a half car ride, we arrived at the Movistar Arena, located inside the sprawling O'Higgins Park.  As soon as we parked the car we were mobbed by vendors trying to sell us posters, glow sticks and random crap with bootleg Batman logos on it.

I was probably a little too excited to see the bat signal being projected onto the side of the arena. Come on, it was cool!

The tickets we received were general admission in the upper level. After we found seats I started searching for my students. The majority of them told me they would be there, and even though the arena holds like a million people I figured I'd find them. I didn't have to look very hard because they found me. A group of eight of my students and their families ended up sitting about 3 rows behind us. My kids begged me to sit with them but I wasn't about to abandon Carolina (plus our seats were closer).

This was the opening set of the show.

I hadn't actually heard about the Batman Live show until my boss told me we'd be getting free tickets. Everyone I asked told me it was going to be similar to Cirque du Soleil but with Batman doing whatever it is that Batman does.

Well, I've never actually been to a Cirque du Soleil show (on my to do list!) but I'm positive they're nothing like Batman Live. It's not that the show was bad, it was just, in my opinion, very repetitive. Either people were swinging from the rafters or doing somersaults and flips on the ground. 

The show was in Spanish so I wasn't able to follow everything. Part of the plot took place at a circus so there were many acrobats and other circus performers. Including these guys (one of my favorite parts):


As a performer balanced on a (stabilized) ball these horses paraded around her. It killed me that during the first act I couldn't remember how to shoot a video with my camera (give me a break, it's new).  Here are some more circus scenes from the first act:

Okay. So like I said the show was in Spanish. It took me about four seconds to come to the conclusion that the performers were not actually speaking. Sometimes it didn't even look like their mouths were moving. I could be wrong, but it sounded more like a taped recording was being used. Which would make sense, seeing how this is a world tour. Using a recording would allow the same actors to go from country to country.

I should also point out that my extent of Batman knowledge is the Dark Knight. That's it. I'm familiar with some of the other non-Dark Knight characters, but only vaguely. There was one semi-prominent character in this show that I hadn't heard of before. I wanted to kill her the moment she walked onto the stage. She had, and I'm not kidding, the most annoying voice in the world. So annoying, in fact, that I had to record it. (During intermission Carolina's son showed me how to take a video with my camera.) After looking it up online I found out her name is Harley Quinn.

(That's me at the end of the video, clearly fed up with the girl's squeaky voice.)

It seemed like every villain from every Batman movie was in this show. First the Penguin came out. (I immediately thought it was the Joker.) Later the Riddler came out. (I immediately thought it was the Joker.) Then the two-faced guy came out. (This time I didn't think it was the Joker.)

Here they are with Catwoman. More villains came later. Clearly four weren't enough. Wait, is Catwoman bad or good? Never mind, I don't actually care.

And finally the Joker:

This was, by far, the coolest part of the show. A giant, nightmare-inducing Joker face came onto the set. Upon further examination I realized parts of it were moving. The moving parts turned out to be people wiggling about. I immediately snapped a video. If you're going to only watch one video from this post watch this one!


The show was split into two acts. The first one was 50 minutes and the second one was 45 minutes (according to their website). Seeing how this is Chile, the show started at least 25 minutes late. By the time the first act ended it was 9:30. Intermission couldn't have come soon enough. The constantly flashing lights finally got to me and I was beginning to feel a little queasy.

Seizure-inducing lights.

Act two had its moments. Like this scene when Batman began fighting off his enemies with Light Sabers. Wait, no, that can't be right. 


By the second act I was tired and just sort of waiting for the show to end so I could go home and go to bed.  I guess I'm just not that into Batman. And strobe light filled shows. I'm more of a Phantom of the Opera type person. (Blame my mom, she took me to see it as a child.)

So again, I wasn't able to follow the whole plot of the show. But from what I understood, most of the show revolved around Robin before he was Robin. For a show about Batman, he certainly appeared in only a few scenes. 

The last two villains had such awesome entrances I just had to record them. Really I just started recording everything. You know, just in case something cool happened.

First there was this scarecrow guy walking around on giant stilts. He was so wobbly I just kept waiting for him to fall over. He didn't.


The last villain (number 7!) was Poison Ivy. Here's her super cool entrance:


Anyway, the whole show ended with Harley Quinn helping to defeat the Joker (which now I find confusing because of what I read on Wikipedia about the two of them being like in love) and pre-Robin finally becoming Robin.

No idea what happened to the rest of the villains. (Again, I don't actually care.)

On Thursday, all the students came to school super excited about the show. I guess being an actual Batman fan makes seeing a show about Batman more enjoyable. I'll have to remember that the next time I go see a show. But hey, at least it was free.


  1. Loved the videos! Particularly Poison Ivy's entrance.

    I can see why this wasn't your type of show. Still, from what you described, it looks like it was fascinating. But maybe in a shorter dose style. I think I would have been all set after the 1st act and then just settled in for a nice nap!

  2. I believe that Cirque du Soleil in the setting that I saw it would have been more your style. Though I think that you would have come out of it with neck ache because your you had to keep looking around in order to catch everything.

    But on to Batman...

    You don't actually care.
    You don't actually care.
    "" "" ""
    I had all the answers but ...YDAC

    In any case it had to be cool to be at an event with so many people and your kids... hour and a half out ... hmm ... reminds me of a wedding I went to... but I know I had a better time because -but-... >>smile<<