Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Pointless Post About TV

I think I like TV a little more than your average person. We recently got cable and I was thrilled to find a channel that's very similar to HGTV. I'm addicted to any show that's about buying houses.

As much as I like TV, I only actually turn it on once a day and always at the same time. Monday through Friday at 9pm old episodes of Property Virgins come on followed directly by House Hunters International. I'm probably paying too much money seeing how this is the only thing I use the TV for.

There's a point to this, I promise.

Over the weekend we changed our clocks back an hour. Who doesn't love getting an extra hour of sleep? (Rhetorical, of course.)

Anyway, come Monday at 8:55pm I turned on the TV to watch Sandra try to sell some newbies a house. Instead, I caught the end of some people buying a vacation home in Costa Rica. Apparently the TV company didn't get the memo that the time changed. Everything is on an hour earlier.

That's strange, right??

Or maybe I'm the only one perplexed by this.

Yeah, it's probably just me.


  1. I'm feeling very stupid since I had to ask Joe to explain this post to me. Finally (and we all know how long "finally" might be with Joe), he explained to me this way:

    It's as if Jeopardy came on at 6:30p instead of the usual 7:30p - ahhhhhh I get it now!

  2. I still can't believe you haven't blogged your mom's frog.

    Have they fixed that issue yet or do they just keep it the same and KNOW that you will will adjust to THEM?

    It's not just you ... but I hope you checked that you changed your clock before you wrote the blog >smile<.