Friday, May 11, 2012

Walt and Me

In social studies my kids had to do a research project on one of the countries in the Americas. They were asked to look up things like the president, population, natural resources and important people. 

Here is the poster made by my student who was assigned the US. 

Clearly I need to clean my desk.

Let's see how she did. 

Capital - Washington D.C. *check*
Population - a lot of people *check*
Area - really big *check*
President - Obama! *double check*

Oh, Important People: 

  1. Mr. Walt Disney - created Disneyworld
  2. Thomas Edison - inventor
  3. Maggie Flashner - (that's me!)

 Let's zoom in, shall we?

Kid obviously wants an 'A'

I never thought I'd see my name on a list with Walt Disney!
Oh Thomas Edison's okay too.


  1. #3?
    What's up with that kid ...B+ tops!

    1. this made me actually laugh out loud. and not like a pity laugh.