Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yes, Another HP Post. Deal With It.

Today was a weird day mainly because tomorrow is a holiday (technically tomorrow is actually today since it's 12:18am but whatever).  The holiday tomorrow is Labor Day even though it's not September. So sometimes when holidays in Chile fall on a Tuesday some companies will decide to give their employees Monday off as well. You know, so everyone can enjoy a four day weekend. Well, my school didn't give us Monday off, so I found myself at 7am on a very empty metro on my way to work. I was missing 10 kids from my class so I decided that was a perfect excuse for a video day. 

Last year I showed my kids many Planet Earth episodes (it fit in nicely with our unit on ecosystems). Now we're not suppose to cover ecosystems until term 2 but I thought I'd show them the first episode, From Pole to Pole anyway.

I love Planet Earth. Like a lot. And From Pole to Pole is a good introduction to the series. It covers a little bit of everything: penguins, seals getting eaten by sharks, ducks, caribou getting eaten by wolves, elephants, impala getting eaten by some weird African dogs. My kids really enjoyed it. Especially when animals ate other animals. Gross. 

Anyway, when the video finished I asked if anyone had a questions. One boy shot his hand up in the air and asked, "Miss, was the video narrated by Dumbledore?" 

Seems I'm not the only one with Harry Potter on the brain.

I should also point out I was showing my students the British version, not the US version narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

In case you were curious, the British version is narrated by a famous Brit named David Attenborough.  You know, this guy:

It's okay, I don't know who he is either. But the guy's got a frog on his hand.

Anyway he's pretty much famous only because his brother Richard was the crazy dinosaur man from Jurassic Park who thought opening up a petting zoo with raptors and a T-Rex was a good idea. You know, this guy:

He's the one who isn't Laura Dern or Sam Neill.

Relax, England. I'm only kidding. David is famous for a bunch of real reasons. But neither of the Attenborough brothers will ever be as famous as Dumbledore. Obviously.

I feel like I've gotten way of topic. So let's end it here.

Moral of the story:

All British people sound alike (in the ears of a 10 year old Chilean student).


  1. Ouch! Them's probably fightin' words somewhere, but don't forget the Aussies, the Kiwis, and perhaps the South Africans too. My Kiwi friend and I "argue" a lot about which one of us is actually speaking English. :-)

    1. I think some of my students have difficulty distinguishing different accents. Last year I had an Australian coworker. When I mentioned to my students she was from Australia they were shocked. They thought she was from the US like me. But it makes sense since I have difficulty with different Spanish accents. It all sounds the same to me!

  2. I'm embarrassed to admit that when I saw the title of your post, my first thought was, why is she writing about Hewlett Packard?

  3. I would bet the day off you didn't get there is somewhere else on the schedule. I would be surprised if your kids went to school more days (total) than others.
    When I was going to school the number of subs we had for those days was incredible - as we got older the kids ditched because a day of study halls sucked.

    I don't know the videos but I always liked PBS when Diana Rigg did the narration - You probably never saw 'The Avengers' on tv but she was great in that also.

    Your mother's frog is better. MUCH BETTER! Can't believe you blogged a frog and it wasn't hers.

    You need to get your kids out to meet/listen-to more Brits. Their accents can be as different and varied as to make you think they are from different countries .... hmmm... much like folks from the states. >smile<