Thursday, June 14, 2012

Holy Hell

Ten years ago today I graduated from high school. What the what??

What's the most important thing I've learned since high school? Be extra careful when choosing a color of hair dye from the store or you could end up looking like this:
Who wants glowing red hair? Apparently I did.

I wanted to include a photo from my high school graduation but I couldn't find any on my computer. But I did find this one. This was two months before graduation and it was taken on Ellis Island during one of my high school choir trips.

And if you're ever looking to feel super old, tell your ten year old students that ten years ago you graduated from high school. Especially considering some of them weren't even born yet. I think they laughed for a solid five minutes. Good lord.


  1. You are way to harsh on yourself and who could see anything beyond yout dazzling smile in any case?

  2. While I have to agree with you that the red hair color was a bit unfortunate looking, your beautiful smile makes a huge difference! And so what if I'm totally biased?