Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

It's music video Sunday again. And I have a secret to tell all of you. I'm a Hanson fan. There I said it.

They've come a long way since the days of MMMbop, which in case you were wondering was released 16 years ago. Holy crap. How many bands can you think of that have been together for that long?

Thinking 'Bout Something' is from their latest album, Shout it Out. And the video is awesome for many reasons. The song is catchy and who doesn't love large groups of people dancing in the street?

Make sure you look for the cameo by Bruce Jenner look-alike, Weird Al.

And yes, it should remind you of The Blues Brothers.

1 comment:

  1. I liked the song!

    I can think of 1 band that has been together for 16 years or longer: U2

    Actually, that was with googgle's help so I can't really say I thought of it!