Saturday, August 25, 2012

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

Except replace mouse with 'student' and cookie with 'iPod'.

I let one of my students play with my iPod while she was waiting to get picked up from school yesterday. This is what she did:


  1. I love the part where she questions her use of the word "weekend"! Weekend? Yes, weekend. So cute.

    And by the way, I had to look up the reference to "if you give a mouse a cookie". I had no idea it was a book!

  2. I think she should be allowed more ipod time just to see what else a bored mind might write.
    I know that your mom has seen a bored mind at work ... I was testing her ipod's ability to take more than a couple hundred characters ... you can get some very interesting stuff in those mind meanderings. >>smile<<