Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bit late.

I'm a little ashamed it has taken me over a week to write this post.

On Friday, September 21st, my mom and Joe moved to Chile. I went to the airport with my uncle to pick them (and the cats) up. There is a place on the second floor where you can wait and watch the arrivals from international flights. As soon as I saw my mom I ran over to take a picture. From here, it still took about 20 minutes for them to get their luggage, pass through customs, and show the paperwork for the cats.

 Sorry, Joe. I didn't mean to cut off your face!


Finally they made it through and after many hugs I checked on the cats. Bacon was starving for attention (and food). Lucy, on the other hand, wouldn't even turn to face the camera. What a brat.

Once we arrived at their apartment, Bacon immediately went to find small places for him to sit in. He doesn't do this because he is scared, he just does it because he is weird.

Relaxing on the chair. Notice the size difference.

Lucy is Joe's cat. She NEVER lets me hold her. But she was so traumatized from the flight I think she got confused. She was further traumatized when some guys came to the apartment to deliver the bed. She actually started to crawl up on my shoulder to hide from them. Despite the claws, it was adorable.

Since their arrival, Bacon has caused quite a stir at the apartment complex. Mainly because my mom and Joe take him outside. On a leash. 

One of the best parts is coming home from work and not stressing over cooking dinner. Why? Because my mom cooks for me. Joe does the dishes. I just sit and look pretty.

My mom's first café helado (coffee with ice cream) and lúcuma cake!

I'm sure there will be many more dinners, café helados and lúcuma flavored treats in our future!


  1. Well, your post was well worth the wait! You did a great job and it brought back all the memories of traveling with the cats. It seems so long ago, and it's just a little over a week.

    I loved the picture of you holding Lucy! Even if she looks like some kind of neck pillow on your shoulder.

  2. Certainly worth the wait. Was it really only a week ago? It has certainly been a pretty busy, exhausting, full, exciting, (did I say exhausting?) week.
    Lots of discovery - hanging with El Gato Grande (he is a chic(k) magnet, even if he doesn't speak the language yet >>smile<<) - everything is so new... all the construction around our apartment just means that it is getting newer every day.

    Best part of being here, so far, is hanging out with the Gringa - she'll say -that will always be the part- >>smile<<.

  3. Welcome, Joe, and welcome home, Rossana! I hope that you enjoy living in Chile!

    1. Thank you for the welcome TTR. I have every confidence that we will enjoy living in Chile. We are happy to be here and look forward to everything that we will learn/reaffirm about Chile, Chileans, and ourselves.