Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Countdown Begins

It's finally September!

This is all the stands between me and vacation:

4 and a half days of work, which includes:
  • 3 days of class
  • 1 spelling bee
  • 1 school-wide Chilean Independence Day celebration (a bit early since the actual independence day is during vacation)
  • 7 hours of parent-teacher conferences spread out over a day and a half
And then I'm free! For two whole weeks. During which time I get to prepare for the arrival of my mom and Joe who will be here in less than three weeks. So basically I need to buy my mom a lot of wine.

September is going to be awesome.


  1. Seriously, Maggie?? I'm almost speechless. You mean to say there's nothing else you can think that I might possibly need besides wine?

    I can think of at least one thing: a hair dryer!

  2. Rossana, I can make a sacrifice and help you with the wine!